The DAIRIUS project is co-financed by the LIFE financial instrument of the European Commission.
LIFE+ Environment Policy and Governance LIFE10ENV/CY/000721


DAIRIUS project (LIFE10/ENV/CY/000721) is co-financed by the LIFE financial instrument of the European Commission under the thematic area of LIFE+ Environmental Policy and Governance. DAIRIUS aims at identifying the major environmental problems specifically associated with the operation of dairy industries and establishing environmentally friendly and effective solutions in order to effectively deal with those problems.

The purpose of the project is to demonstrate that it is possible to solve the problem of managing and exploiting expired dairy products by developing a facility that presents an integrated management of these types of wastes by using co-treatment with different substrates, anaerobic co-digestion for minimizing environmental impact of producing maximum electrical and thermal energy.


Project background

Industries processing agricultural raw materials such as milk, various fruits, vegetables, meat etc. generate millions of tons of wastes and large amounts of by-products, which are totally unexploited and the absence of environmental management is significantly deteriorating the environment. The DAIRIUS project goal is to protect the environment through improving the expired and returned dairy products management and treatment in Cyprus and fostering renewable energy production.

Over the last ten years, anaerobic digestion has become widely used in many European countries. These plants are developed not only for the recovery of renewable energy, i.e. biogas, but also to control malodorous emissions and to stabilize the biomass prior to its agronomic use. Anaerobic digestion has a unique and integrative potential, simultaneously acting as a waste treatment and recovery process. Co-digestion is the simultaneous anaerobic digestion of a mixture of two or more substrates. Co-digestion of different types of organic by-products has been increasingly applied in order to improve plant profitability and overcome a number of problems such as nutrient imbalance, rapid acidification and presence of inhibiting compounds, among other factors. Other benefits of co-digesting multiple waste streams include the improvement of nutrient balance and digestion, equalization of particulate, floating, settling, acidifying, etc. wastes, through dilution by manure or sewage sludge, additional biogas production, possible gate fees for waste treatment, additional fertilizer (soil conditioner) reclamation and more efficient use of equipment as well as cost sharing by processing multiple waste streams in a single facility.

Through DAIRIUS an integrated approach for the solution of this problem is demonstrated that can be easily transferred to other EU countries. DAIRIUS was convinced as an innovative solution for dealing with the problem of these wastes by developing the knowledge using clean and sustainable technologies to maximize energy exploitation and minimize environmental impacts of anaerobic digestion used until present.


Expected Results

DAIRIUS project is planned to produce promising results to alleviate the hesitations and barriers raised by stakeholders regarding the exploitation of agroindustrial wastes for material recovery (mainly compost) as well as electric and thermal energy through a well-planned combination of engineering process development activities that will be selectively demonstrated at pilot scale. Specifically, the project aims at:

  • Demonstration of a complete prototype pilot plant for the integrated management of dairy wastes.

  • Optimum operating strategies of the pilot plant towards the maximisation of energy exploitation.

  • Optimum processes for anaerobic composting or vermicomposting of digested material along with other available substrates.

  • Increase the awareness of the public, local stakeholders, students and potential investors in the thematic environmental issue that is being confronted by the specific project methodology.


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